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The two worlds must fold into each other, building larger structures out of simple motives. The figure saturates the movement as theme and as accompaniment. An arch at the center the length of entire. The powerful outer movements. One can venture into complex realities with the instrument, even silence. Is not living an excess? I dreamt there was a horse in the room. An intelligent horse. This is my father's cast-off suit which I wear. What is the meaning of this alterity, there where everything is coincident with the self. Like the moment at which sleep gives way. The measured value of parallelism. There is only one sin - separation. Slippages of meaning will also occur. Yet things are made. Others may grow, and depend on some vast attention.

Awakening it is I sleeping and not sleeping

The crisis

that of late summer

To give place to it
As if a pin dropping
The book open and spoken
Till sleep