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Essay: Canto

At evening

announced on flight

Sign to stray light
Signs to stray light!

Sign to siren to signal

Siren to signal, signal to stray light

The flight goes

     down & up, side, under, maybe

To paradise      a port

As a sea so over

hurrying towards wheels, Sunday

before we must get up, rise, dress to seem

presentable, brush teeth, train, hurry, truck, work, the flight

     the lull, heave, phosphor
               change, the


fall down, everyone

          to sleep, another

clock-related gene, called tim for time-
less... ...light...acting upon time... ...a beautiful

in RNA cycles. Here is the discontinuous logic of sleep, in which
the answer to the question "What is sleep for?" is
" Because we sleep," disgorging

                                             rise, dress, fly, eat

The white space represents light, and light,...
is waking

                              dressing, work

I hope the connections are clear:

the metal silts
flame cell & metal salts clot
arcs between carbons
candle flame & a sodium light are examples; brace-bounded; I can't tell the melody
for the plot

                              The plot is: rise, eat, sleep

                              The melody:

the fever that fret air my
melody melody fret the snaffle briedel, light slips
stops to measure sugar, Brix

& sugar cubes under our pillows in case
we got hungry at night. That's all
there was before the war & after the war there was war & before the war
He worked in a sugar factory My
father did, died. Night

prepares the cells

for "Hot, Cold, Moist, & Dry":
atom A, atom B, atom C fought to make:

to make or unmake new grains (silicon + O2)

or in the emptier waste, resembling air

He fell from night to dawn & from dawn
to day to noon from noon to night he
fell. Who? My father.
Is a drunk & fell.

a satin spar in my
heel god

of course
is tyrannical, but what
made me dark was
                                                                                                                                                           [ ]

while night invests

eld things, night
prepares the cells

My father fell.

He was nearly blind & she was nearly
deaf--who? My
something something hath darkness of some-
thing my soul

has devoured the intruders for I have inherited the ABC's & the Pill

(Even as a child the sound of machinery was the enemy)

I am not in the image but my voice was. I am
with my voice, I come with it
just like this stereo comes
with speakers by which to hear you by.
Hear you? Hello.

[the heel is lifted, head is turned, arm raised]

Here is your good news
your inspired cryptogram
depicting the decline of practically everything
This garment made of skins is a noble possession
& will soon get me arrested
the Naked House of Nakedness, where you stand
in order to speak out "otherly" as
" Allegory" when clothed--. I.e. I had shoes, I had shirts. Did I

see an acacia in the desert Homeridae
Did I drink?
Did this stereo speak?
I had my right name, was
rectified. Did they
address words to me?
I was involved in what was dissolved in the process
[cells]. You are

The Father Question:

Father fell. Is the reverse
also true? Can the inverse
be destroyed?

Periods of time, hurry back
to ice, to fire, to find

and found again
& find no end either but
no beginning

               rise, sleep, eat eat rise sleep sleep

          we riseth sleepeth eateth I theth theth

& fear not boys with bugs

For I have gathered frogs
and I have gathered dirt
and I have gathered
and I have gathered weeds
and I have gathered wood

The age therefore of the universe was a man my father falling

the figure falls short
at the globular star clusters the figure falls
& counts the parts. & pearls
The parts: 1H 2O 4S
no one wants a universe
younger than its parts
Send this universe back immediately!

c / o I'm afraid I'm hungry I'm happy I'm fearful I love you I want to eat you I'm sorrow for your Ha
in the face of Ha Ha I'm the force with which

a body moves
against resistance.      What



of discrete agencies I wish to
produce a more effective result
than the sum of the results produced
by the same agencies acting independently; I am as two drugs for example human will & holy spit, I am the sum of the cooperative action of two or more organs of the human body I am a word that has the same meaning, or the same general meaning, as a particular word, I am a more or less staisfactory equivalent for it, as, I am "joyful," I am "glad," I am "happy," "elated," I am "pastoral simplicity" and "contentment" I am "arcadia," I am an alternative but less approved science, I am as a specied or genus

new hydrogen atoms are correctly made
in the interstices
of space as space
itself expands

It's not my head that hurts
but what's inside it

What's inside it?

               They say conscience was installed as a smoke

detector later

                         The age therefore of the universe was a woman


                         The plane
                         falls, birds, rain
                         The rain

in Spain & in Puerto Rico

the rain it raineth in Goleta & in Island View

it raineth in Los Angeles & at Dundalk

radiant radiant rain