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Essay: Of Space, Stainless Steel, Of Gifts

Excellent Earth, magnet jar, now
where are you taking those sandals?

in the geologic dent, earth-rent with stones
magnetically thrown

from space; flying flowers
of Earth; my hand folding inside my hand

folding inside the earth
seems to be missing

its feet, its
prismatic car; with contact limited to:

shave the wing on
human thatch on the human

wing on

the body keyhole
can't start

start the engine; the mechanic
hum of wheels Of the wheels of life in him--

an I-am-sorry image / mirage / a trompe-l'oeil body / traitor
vigorous pincers braid the optic waves I would not

disturb the natural situation
of my mouth to make my teeth go away nor

with an oblique eye deroute
the mortal intellegence: Fear; I paid

for sleep with cash the atmosphere's
couch its cousin its neither The sun

is neighboring feeding off ether & light a starveling
in vertical flight I could not

rearrange the stretch-marks on the wing

the sling (won't fit)

the sling-shot splits the Fifth
Ideal designs itself slowly over another

sky an indecipherable
fold Look sharp winter

journeys on this surface Skin your eyes Now

hold up a broad bright bullet Now hail
the act

of nailing gold
to the mast, the rotation
of crops in twilight, the gloves of

silence that voices me Let me
touch this axis