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Travelogue: When we consider the dark light

if you could hear a town grow, to wonder about other, distant objects
by the 10's and dozens a block away from everything in the world:
(saw them) in Ontario hauling tobacco up to the rafters, Erie Eau town
to the right, & to the left, the Erie Eau girls
I lay flat of my belly (this is an old hobo trick) washing my feet
in Niagra water To the left, the stretch into endless
are dark at night" the incalculable
is a vast number
increased by multiples, then by squares
the length of one zero
occupies how much space
it takes
me to wake
the body
as a boat
which crosses
or sleep
is it
or without
measurement? the "heart" is the seat
of the "intellect;" the heart is wrapped in paper & re-inserted; the head
takes animal form (qubehsenuf) probably
a cow, & lighting it up
by thinking the thinking heart I
smoked it
& when I put my finger to the light
& it went out