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common questions involve current films, personal efficiency, divorces, tips on the market-this envelope may be a check-the emperor's wealth, the church's influence this coming century will require nerves of aluminum, skins of neoprene, basalt in the stomach

this coming brigade will require forty thousand barrels of rum, livestock, fiber optics, fresh cut fields of grass, forty thousand barrels of crude, the fisherman's friend, the unknown delivery person, the tomb of unsolicited advice, the suite of luxury, the obsidian scepter, and the errors of youth

and in the days preceding the front runner: what are your core beliefs? what duplications will you eliminate? what is the attitude of this sentence?

widespread virus deleting files

the coming reports indicate

period of pressure

run naked through the streets

temporary abatement of hostilities

throughout its life periodically upset, the chagrin of the cops, the upgrades and repairs

what reforms can be made? what negotiations are possible? what goals can you set for yourself?

the coming century will have more punch

will have a talent for voices

will support lavish productions will make us feel as accomplices

the coming century will have zest and verve and will be washable

the coming century will have a good-faith relationship

will display relational power

will propose a settlement


once level-headed airborne crosses walking corpse a letdown for
the king of terror thousands believe become disciples
land masses migrate a change of faith surrounded by peace

visions of the future show world not wanted converted bully
the cheap and clean worst plague surrounded scroller dizzy
avenges position of oracles waves inspiration neglected

heretical changed eaten sons poisonous conveyance informs
distopia suspension interpreters brass bowl leaves divining rod
shaped horses three legs shoulder Caesar found no heart

the lungs loudly wrong questions quick read full tilt global depression one fucking thing after another heavy inhaled
smoke charge of soldiers directly flesh captains and kings

no more than today presumption seers shaped horses neglect
calendars subject left over impending list of names tribal wars
top o' the world configured themes the backdrop of heavens

teeter brittle serious intent lifeblood tender roots
easier to list what they don't forge supreme opportunists coping
century unfold colonies unblink eye least kinetic predations

swarm a tempestuous freelance prophecy one thing after another churches darken the door tackle big themes official expression
truth not so mysterious usual suspect ailing eyes

high mortality becomes important loss appreciation grounds
dredged in throes of spring steadfast curving fluid bolster
serious business akin to presence shape the flailing air


feel love's negative test

international malicious

inaccurate versions

the prospect of living in a picture book

breathless national security

the more emotional partner in a global

marketing conglomerate

soft spot for exalted thin skins

a pattern necessarily imposed

line by line projected onto the wall

the story is always the same

the improbable and fantastic rise to fame

period of tragedy and redemption

dig mines through the simulations nest

in versions of safety of paranoia of
marauding armies

encampments underwater off the coast

how do they go undiscovered?

on stacking shelves the bones dormant

on the phone 30,000 feet above hyperventilation

reasonable man screaming bloody wormwood

seeking confirmation in fiscal discipline

how do they go undiscovered?


so much antiquity out of control

the pocked face of myth copied

read this perforating the landscape

bragging rights to the peasant

spirit coins and jars

sell into system sleep

many months in winter-

actual reporting-

measure out waking life

at night tomb robbers dig for classics

all rights to present tense-sensory moment of now

in the sky invade in trance doers of action

in a state of cultural barricade-

parataxis of self-

sea change brimming with capital

the up and coming difficult

place to live-actual report again-

house full stolen glint

international guilt and fugitive

bug jumps on surface tension


helicopters rain on television

places not accessible

closed doors of the grand hall

fabulous background checks and a secret life

sphynx of onyx underwater

just off shore-city highrises visible

staring through white silt and algae

along the ocean bottom

off the continental shelf


Alone in the house you can be sure of many things. Large metal stars pass through say they are happy to be here, happy to be in an infamous region of the world. Shale breaks apart the hillsides-roots run deeply through and divide.

The coming century will require skill and service, will require religion and an axe. The coming years will be much colder as the hills melt beneath the pressure as a shift in the ice will raise the oceans by several meters flooding so much land that the metasciences will collide.

thickly dark a sickened mask

drunken hands swing below

auslanders show their nature

in the bowels with bilgewater and livestock

three hundred prostitutes

every manner of intrigue

in your mortal box

ahead and solemn

more to sickness than battle

in one blast-

the coming century will ape bedraggled remains

optical instant recognition

isolate smiles and service

the sailor's cross

onto the roof installing a camera

voices filtered through alcohol

sense stripping to the waist

with an axe under the floorboards

into the shale

twitch into convergence

they go undiscovered