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arms akimbo, scolding plekhanovian

          Just run the “Zuk reads at Gramercy Park” PPT file?

          Art-object owl affirms…

          Catalogic logic, re-orders the files…

          Rely on computational brains, same ones…

          Leaked the top candidates at the MLA…

          Those of you unfamiliar with the terms “MLA”
          “ Zukofsky” “art-object” (its current status)
          — You don’t belong at this reading!
          And the fault is all mine
          -Uneven Development

          The silent treatment
          Stereophonic give the poet later

          Dicey times for those who cross-dress
          In class vestiges
          Scrambled codes

          Empire’s Centurions
          Not exactly busting down the doors
          To break it up, assent
          Medal pinning, high winnowing scams,
          Analogic sacristy

          An exploration of over-plumbed nullities
          Run the slide show

          Laws of utterance—ejected, see
          Selected emoluments of fantasmic
          National Tapestry
          Out of a Monumental Monday your future son or daughter’s
          Belief-week, in relief
          Lab-coaty erudition
          Lighting even

          Those of you unfamiliar with the term
          “ Gaffled,” you also
          Don’t belong
          “ Loofah,” cylindrical or star-fish,
          You no capice
          The’ go the doe
          Colonel cultural-cap killer
          In a velvet loveseat
          Just outside

          Isn’t that a capital
          Soap factories turned breweries
          Breweries turned brothels
          Seems the seams are seamless
          Not to mention sleeveless
          Thugs at the point of production
          The captain, wishing you a happy…

          — Play my music—
          Play-your-music? (just like that?)

          Cliff-hanging animadversion now, is that,
          Poet, will reserve bowls tainted with arsenic
          As with garlic rubbed on for essence
          Bloated purple, the lieutenant still wants his
          Oppen read without the glaze of radical Albany


          Me, Uneven Development
          Busy-body, itinerant loafer, linoleum smoocher, petroleum tounguer
          —A sailor at heart, a Halcyon (open invitation here to
          quietly slink out, “Halcyon”) “hermeneutic amanuensis”
          —And you’re halfway to the subway…

          Plaft and spot stafflooned, lap ploney,
          Plas a polled, join the navy, a zelagous zalolorian,
          Zalizizid, the army, gunkel galagagolled,
          Giglioglig-gleen, you mut, the marines

          Say “I” “I” “I”—“‘I’ ‘I’ ‘I’”
          How chafe to chose a choose (‘zunteit)
          While the Rite Aid—the hives—who gets to pondering
          Sixty-five cents to 6 homeland ducats—added
          After the campaign
          Sergeant Jugular Vein
          Prevaricates precinctly that, un-defined remains the humaines
          Lriterature marxwismus—goes on the shelves (at a discount)
          …have we any blades?…for the ol’ sarge



          “ spiked atmospheric”

          -not exactly…

          “ re-definitional trans-ellipticity”

          -not exactly…

          “collusial colloscoliosity”

          -uhh…not exactly…

          “blazing hipocratostacy”


          da’ lean masheene, da lean masheene amerika, a’rapid and a’sexy
              da’ lean masheene, explosive’a’…masheene amerika…

          500 year-old nanny
          Race mouse

          As to why The Young Trent speaks sooo


          Just run the “Zukofsky” PPT file, if you will, and
          We’re on our way…

          “I wouldn’t say patina of content, so much as pallet of form…”

          “Pollen of the day was—demanded the stylistic vertebrae of such a rare bird as
          Zuk allegori-suppresively—up the—in check now—CP affiliation…
          As you may all soon read in the next Umbilical Thinkquiry”


          The top candidates.

          Art-object owl affirming.

          Catalogic logic, re-orders the files.

          Rely on computational brains, same ones.

          Rely on computational brains, same ones.

          Who belongs where.

          Who is it meant for.

          Who is it meant from.

          Are you…are you, familiar with the term

          omniwallopolescent divisidrarian

          omniwallopolescent divisidrarian (or maybe it’s)

          omnidivisidrarian wallopollescence

          “—ah well you know The Gauls you know became The Franks is is