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Eve Doe: first movement

The disappearance of her kind was spectacular.

She had servants, etcetera.

to account for the sudden


               She gave sequels.

a concentrated wish

established town

the weird man on the street corner of whom

I was only a copy

she experienced busses           salt lakes

there were homes there

carnivals landscapes

frame & lounge

...fruits                                                   Casa Yolanda

she went in

Larry's real interested in buying some land.

in the dream previously; an engagement and wedding ring

each a bit gaudy

                                        the engagement was silver and blue


Bill Clinton was there. They lay down and he held her

a sailboat's rim

                                   she was thinking of fathers

Bob Dole and his wife led her past secret exit outside under concrete
there were posters on the cement ground waiting for the mailman to pick

up she saw girlfriends and girls she had barely known. they marvelled
at her dress. her hair to her was incorrect, lopsided. later her friend
Lorna's small sister gave her a choice of lime green, navy and yellow
terrycloth. she took the green for her honeymoon travel.

the whole time merely glimpses of the husband whom she adored rightly

at the table there was an excavation from high stools. A woman geologist
while in Alaska had both arms torn from her by a Grizzly.

Bigfoot, or a fat, tall man dressed as same: appeared on "Late Night
with David Letterman".

                              Once with my littlest sister we climbed yellow
hillsides and sharp eager yellow scraped our knees and buried its seeds
in our stockings.

                    there was a babysitter to cook us dinner           her own
baby cried and on waking made every face known to us. then settled,
sucking on an unknown

                                             there were parades through the center of town

statues of eagles:

                                                       a Literature

("so, is the muse with you ..)

in orange county bricks painted trees once filming a landscape now
tracted                                                             we account for it on video:

orchids                                                                       flown

                              inside disease she will listen to your heartbeat gently

Eve split time in half. for Jezebel the problem was a written indictment

translate:                     several;

                              expressions on her face

one of her children.                     twelve sisters.

                              in the palace a daughter indexed

a bit chilly                     renaissance; unprepared for the museo

tiresome rich with their imported swamis

                                           a man who

this baby traveled in space. she was girlish. a darkness enveloped.
a land marked in footsteps. flags there, species, recollections.

                                                                           (.. marked by spotting")

by the north tower she was floating                a great white glancing
                                                                                  yards away

Joanna took her pack from the shelf above seating there was a jostling
crowd on the entry                the oldest city           she found a place
the lady's laundry hung outside      her son watching tv           he
looked up he was prepuberty                     Joanna wrote a postcard and
left it on the mantle.         they would send she shopped                she
ate a lot of tomatoes there           by the slate           beef and trifle
by the lake salt and sugar

                                                            a reservation

a Pomo woman in Nevada saw stars                         called as accurately by different

names                          They conceded.                   piles of heads of


Caitlin didn't know what to make of this

               "Interpretive schemes may be produced by special circumstances."

"Here we have virtually the entire range of specialties."

"Lady Loveit, who has come from the baths at Bath, and who is disappointed
in her affair with Lord Alto, wants to have something better, and to
be well served this evening. Capt. O'Thunder or Sawney Rawbone....50
guineas." (1)

               "Rose Price: 'Uncertain. She appears to be another of the
inadequate persons characterized by withdrawal and grossly impaired
functioning. Probably psychotic.'" (2)

                                                  she found her friend and told her. look.


he brought me shells but no rocks

a group of islands                          small girl prostitutes                     he
flew in                          'fathered children'                                         he died
owning           stockholders and the women               once girls sued for the
fortune                                    marigold                     south                          sea

posters of 40s musicals in a      house rickety                salt and the sounds
mother rented                      her friend                     1974 perhaps blackberries
standing on the           fender of daddy's           car        turn corner
sandcastle hurricane    sublet                     naming the moon           by name

indicate which                     liz let her blood be held by a diaphragm purchased
at             bill's drugs                           the old sign was a monument protected

how matrons (society ladies) do their hair                                           an envelope

                                        location astride

                                                                      next door a shelf above racks
of antique clothes           gazes statued mary down         stiffly it
was like a high school gym streamered for wallflowers (how many scenes
showing patients.)

                              republic of the bowl                         began to dry up, and

her step-aunt                          in the kitchen                       now my cousin      spirals

it is dim outside patio
                                        what will my son see
                                                                                mutter over behind
do I die first, abandon

                                             we argued when coronet

               the three women gave their names and their purposes slowly

Kristina listened                made buckets of rose water

                                                       it was in Susan's house where many people
rented rooms and there were several redone couches             Paul painted

my mother missed the desert sometimes and how she had walked to school
with her friend and how after school they went to the library and how
after the library they got a cherry coke and talked over their pet peeves

Sheba's legs                          gently mirror

1. Whores in History, Nickie Roberts
2. Madwives: Schizophrenic Women in the 1950s, Carol A.B.Warren
3. varies