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Elizabeth Treadwell

Elizabeth Treadwell is the author of a collection of prose/poetry, Populace (Avec Books, 1999), as well as a novel, Eleanor Ramsey: the Queen of Cups (San Francisco State University, 1997). Four chapbooks of her work are in circulation: The Erratix & Other Stories (Texture Press, 1998), Eve Doe (becoming an epic poem) (Double Lucy Books, 1997), Eve Doe: Prior to Landscape (a+bend, 1999), & The Milk Bees (Lucille pamphlets, 2000). Born in Oakland in 1967, she has a BA in Native American Studies from UCBerkeley and an MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State. She is the director of Small Press Traffic, & lives in Oakland.

Treadwell's work has appeared recently in The Germ, The World, LUNGFULL!, and other magazines, and some of her latest writing is online at: How2, canwehaveourballback.com, Shampoo. Selections from her book Populace appear on the Avec Books website.

Her book, LILYFOIL (or Boy & Girl Tramps of America) is available as a downloadable e-book from the duration bookstore.



Eve Doe: first movement

Playa del Rey


from Torn/town

from Eve Doe; EveSophia (21)