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About What Is A Hand
And What Is In the Hand

You take a piece of wood in your hand and say:
Me and the holidays. A great thing turns into
a particular held confidently at the far end of the arm
but rarely. Why?


Hands are not rare, but rarely open to the other
side of steady. Fingertips feel holidays
in their fingertips: wooden, a weight, positing
an unnameable particular world. Our cautious hands celebrate
this particular holiday.

Particular holiday.

Slow. What is slow? In trees the wood acts
slow. Out of one particular and another particular it grows
particularly tall. Long hesitation among
rows of trees. In this long hesitation we love to take
walks and the air.

It has grown rare around us. How sad. We
are sad. We have big questions that we won't pose. We
don't pose, we walk. We're posited as confident woods
by a great many steps below. May we say: a particular step?
Everything is still called wood. We take a particular holiday in hand.