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The Hinder Parts of Poetry

Weekday, weather and soul, we call weekday, weather and soul
gladly, gently, preliminary free of thoughts of death
etc. The hinder parts of the soul are named:
ungladly, ungently, unfortunately not free and
so on. Over and so on drifts weather, drift days
and we say: Week, sun, soul. Soon week, sun, soul
will be called a month in winter. There's often been a month in winter
I've called this. As a variant, I've called November: Rain
and summer: Indistinguishable heat on Mondays
so called by us in the hinder parts of day
in changeable weather turning and turning and
losing its balance. What loses balance
goes on a special journey. It is called: unbalanced journey to the hindmost,
but the traveler is on a second road to a new possible
synthesis (newest world, with the newest bird
newest train, newest sky
synthesized into sky, trigonometrically located with help of
weekday, weather and soul up front:
Gentle, unbalanced, edible like apples: What
are we talking about? We are talking about the newest page
(rotation of figures, rotation, rotation
of poetry, we too are squeezed between
drums and rollers, railway passengers pulled
proofed variants uner what sky, in what world
with what bird on this day, this moon
in this soul that doesn't exist?) Preliminary, our beginning
soon the first friendliness is gone, soon
free play turns into dread. Most dreadful: the harmony is stable
unimaginable rotation through
weekday, weather and soul, on all
hinder parts. The man playing the harmonium means by this:
There are only hinder parts. Hindness = all.