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Metamorphoses of the Leibniz Apple

Down falls the apple, into place, its own future in a city
like St.Petersburg. The past outlasts example after example
(passes over the fallen fruit). Everything (beg pardon?)
happens also in 1680. What are repetitions called
since? Repetitions are called:
Nameless place in St.Petersburg. Once more we are
more at a loss. Loss has fallen
we name this process: Steady stream:
St.Petersburg streams. St.Petersburg streams down
to Vienna. Does Vienna stream? Yes. Another is what
one thing leads to, hence every thing has
1000 names and 1680 names, the led-to-things
grow into their 18th century, Lenz lies dead having reached Moscow
his death reaches us, we die through our other self
a rare glow is called: Best of all worlds, best of all apples
unnoticed. Hello, Unnoticed. The unnoticed is the best of all worlds
(fall is an unnoticed loosening in trees planted
long ago, the pear now on my shoulder has traveled there from
other times, has streamed through other times
is St.Petersburg fallen on what is called:
Just my shoulder, without explanation, without reason
of small significance: A portion of fruit, a right
shoulder: Countable, divine, O, exclaims the man on a walk, and
this O collapses centuries. Can the millennium
be collapsed into the shape of the Leibniz apple? Constant counter-
question: What is a Leibniz apple?)

(A Leibniz apple is a millennium: We now say.)