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John Olson
Echo Regime
ISBN 0-9675144-3-6



listening to Berlioz
I feel that energy

of the dishwasher
is different
than the infrared logic of the xylophone
which is a skeleton of the piano
it is lackadaisical to realize this
snow on the lake

might be pulled through grooves of music
as the notes of the bars of the xylophone
in Saint-Saens' Dans Macabre
enhance the baggage of the stars
tone is a stick

of dark blue with a fringe of red
at the bottom, and rose. Powder
metallurgy is ideal for making steel
and brass sprockets (toothed parts)
and cams (grooved parts) but a xylophone
is a vertebrae

of inflections, an undulating
sound of elegant clarity
and meat, the naked thirst of color
wiggling in the dark like a tongue
of silver hit with a hammer

to produce a contour
of insubordinate spangles
the wit in the distillate
of ingots of sound
a hive of bells
pollinating rhythm
and beryllium

beaten to rain