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Franck André Jamme
Extracts from the life of a Beetle
translated from the French by Michael Tweed
ISBN 0-9675144-4-4


Since 1981, Franck André Jamme has published nine volumes of poetry and fragments, including La Recitation de L'oubli, De la Multiplication des brèches et des obstacles, and Encore une attaque silencienne. In addition, he has published numerous limited editions illustrated by artists such as Suzan Frecon, Zao-Wou-ki, James Brown, Acharya Vyakul, Marc Courturier, Yang Jiechang, Monique Frydman, and Jan Voss, among others. In 1983, René Char asked him to direct the publication of his complete works for the Bibliothèque de la Pléiade. As an independent curator, he has focused on contemporary Indian art. Translations of his poetry are included in the anthology The New French Poetry (Bloodaxe, 1996). His is also the author of Moon Wood (Sélavy Press, 2000). Two books are currently being translated by John Ashbery and Mary Ann Caws.

Actually, there were several of them. Two, most of the time. And always
absorbed in somewhat peculiar, let's say almost silent, conversations.

     --Watch you don't slip.

     --Don't worry, I'll be fine.

Will we ever be done with clouds?