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Richard Anders
The Footprints of One Who Has Not Stepped Forth
translated from the German by Andrew Joron
ISBN 0-9675144-2-8


Richard Anders was born in 1928 in the East Prussia region of Germany. After completing his studies in 1959, he taught in Athens and Zagreb. In the sixties he worked as an archivist in Hamburg; at that time, he also made contact with the Paris surrealists. Since 1970 he has lived in Berlin as a freelance writer. He has published several books of poetry, two collections of short prose, and an autobiographical novel.

Braching motionless through your caresses, I answer you as slow lightning.


To have hovered away behind your dark word, but not to hear it ringing in immemorial ears, for it was promised long ago above all mountains.


To digest, by means of the heart, the head that was swallowed by shoulders raised in a shrug; then to vomit it up as a spray of wordflowers to be given to a lady.