New Mannerist Tricycle is 39 pages long,

It is composed of The Spider Poems, by Rod Smith; Ode by Bill Luoma; & They, by Lisa Jarnot.

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Nothing believes Korea.

Nothing turns into it, & leaves your salt there.

For it to fade, for it to ask casually, how's your Rothko?
how's your thrift store

painting? how's that?   Nothing believes Korea.

& believing it believes also
that to be afraid is accursed, caseladen, peripatetic, inchworthy &
glown. That's what it believes.

Nothing much worse than that.

Nothing much worse than for it to fade that way.

                                                 Rod Smith

Big calif potatoes
you are eaten here
but are nonetheless

Sombrero onions,
your sophie fixtures
are excluding
carbo funs.

2 Bees Red
Cabbages go
heavens Ward
in stinky chair.

                                                 Bill Luoma

On the Lemur

That they loved to go on unmistaken, that they loved
to not to be gratuitous or cry, that they loved the
fortitude of yaks, that suddenly they loved the whiskey
and the sunlight and the key, that they loved the corn
cow and the cow corn that it ate, that they loved the cat
food as it rolled across the floor, that they liked and
loved the coffee that was warm inside the day, that
they loved the sound of hail and what it broke, that
they knew they loved the river that was made where
people dream, that they loved the loins of lions and of
lambs, that they loved confusion and the tools,
that they loved the whistle of the evening train, that they
loved the drugs they dreamt they loved and took inside of
dreams, that they loved their pictures taken and the
sides of barns, that they loved all outer space.

                                                 Lisa Jarnot