duration press -- international poetry

These are single author serial publications dedicated to international poetry. Hoping, in effect, to broaden the conceptions of contemporary international poetry, Duration Press has devoted itself to the promotion & publication of these works to participate in the ongoing mapping of the international poetry landscape.

Chapbooks from Series 1-4:

Anne-Marie Albiach, A Discursive, Space (out of print)

George Albon, Transit Rock

Gennady Aygi, Degree: Of Stability (out of print)

Rachel Tzvia Back, The Buffalo Poems

Coral Bracho, Of Their Ornate Eyes of Crystalline Sand

Michel Bulteau, Crystals to Aden (out of print)

Mary Burger, Nature's Maw Gives & Gives

Pura López Colomé, Aurora (out of print)

Emmanuel Hocquard / Ray DiPalma, Personæ / Thoughts on Personæ (out of print)

Pierre Joris, Permanent Diaspora

Pascalle Monnier, Bayart: Spring

Gale Nelson, Spectral Angel

Lauri Otonkoski, 20 Poems

Sebastian Reichmann, Sweeper at His Door

Claude Royet-Journoud, The Right Wall of the Heart Effaced

Juliana Spahr, Live

Hiroya Takagai, Rush Mats

Habib Tengour, Empedocles's Sandal (out of print)

Lourdes Vázquez, Park Slope

Keith Waldrop, Spit-Curls

Peter Waterhouse, Where Are We Now?

Xue Di, Circumstances

Heriberto Yépez, Babellabab