Laura Moriarty
32 pages, saddlestitched
ISBN 0-945926-62-6

This publication brings back into print Laura Moriarty's beautifully spare and precise poetry-sequence that focuses on the great dramatic actor, Eleanora Duse. The ephemeral becomes tangible within this poem, with projected memory becoming the basis of a hoped-for future: "things cherished a whole / civilization artificially would / have." The text becomes a reflection upon its opening line: "Loss as rest from meaning." The intersection of the solid with the transitory, the real with the artificial, leads the reader into a world of uncertainty, of mimetic gestures coming ever closer to the core experience, ever searching for emotional truth. Duse was originally published by David I. Sheidlower's Coincidence Press. Laura Moriarty is also author of Like Roads, Cunning, Spicer's City and Rondeaux.

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