Marjorie Welish
Else, In Substance
24 pages, saddlestitched
ISBN 0-945926-58-8

Else, in Substance advances specific tactics for constructing poems of sentences, or parts of sentences. Indeed, Marjorie Welish investigates a variety of devices by which she defamiliarizes sentences in building these lyrics. The title poem proposes that a word is put through trials of similarity and difference. Another poem, titled "Possible Fires," compiles three procedures for rendering sentences from words, or rather, allows the relay, a variant of the relay and an alogorithm to do their work. "The Logics" imparts a poem of phrases or sentences, both declarative and interrogative. These and the rest of the poems that constitute this book affirm Marjorie Welish as one of America's most challenging and rewarding authors.

Marjorie Welish is author of Two Poems, Handwritten, The Windows Flew Open and Casting Sequences.

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