Ray Ragosta
Grondine's Episode
44 pages, saddlestitched
ISBN 0-945926-53-7

Ray Ragosta explores the intricacies of interlocked structure, carrying groups of poems through the four numbered sections of the pamphlet. Ragosta continues to burrow deep into language, looking for a way to articulate a rational perspective of the world. His philosophical inquiry leads the reader through beautiful passages, but where, in the end, "explanation moves no further along, / as doubt burns into the landscape." This is the second of 18 books to be published over the next six years as the Isthmus Project. Project participants are Lori Baker, Michael Gizzi, Gale Nelson, Ray Ragosta, Joan Retallack and Marjorie Welish.

Ray Ragosta is author of The Varieties of Religious Experience, Sherds and The Act Proves Untenable. He lives and works in Providence, R.I.

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