Gale Nelson
Intersecting Mr. Sams
28 pages, saddlestitched
ISBN 0-945926-60-X

The narrator of these little prose pieces has a series of minor adventures during which, in each case, there is an intersection with the splendid cat, Mr. Sams. Whether visiting the seashore, eating parts of speech or learning the meaning of photosynthesis, the narrator relies on the good judgment and excellent taste of Mr. Sams. The splendid line drawings by Lori Baker help to give the texts the light feel of a literary children's book. This book is not for the serious-minded, but rather for those who take pleasure from the goings-on of Pierre Albert-Birot's Grabinoular. Gale Nelson is also author of ceteris paribus and stare decisis. This is Lori Baker's first artwork publication.

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