Lori Baker
Minor Archeologies
24 pages, saddlestitched
ISBN 0-945926-52-9

In these prose poems, a couple conjures from a slice of cheese an intrigue with a red-headed man; the role of curtains, sinister and curious, are artfully examined; and dreams and pure imagination become the territory of the possible. "In the woman's first dream, the tide is out: memory, exposed, is a half-glimpsed spiral, buried in sand." These glimpses expose an author with a gift for a quirky sense of narrative and a beautiful gift for language. This is the first of 18 books to be published over the next six years as the Isthmus Project. Project participants are Lori Baker, Michael Gizzi, Gale Nelson, Ray Ragosta, Joan Retallack and Marjorie Welish.

Lori Baker is author of two books, Scraps (paradigm) and Crazy Water (NYU Press), which earned for her the Bobst Prize in Fiction. She lives and works in Providence, R.I.

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