Lori Baker
On the Verge
32 pages, saddlestitched
ISBN 0-945926-63-4

This light romp through the Cornish village of Seaspittle, population 25, introduces us to the lovelorn yet fiercely independent Harriet Falcon and her trusty Scottish terrier, Robert Henryson. They search for the ever-elusive Viking along the sheep-pocked dramatic cliffs, within the cozy confines of the local pub, or while lost among the dusty museum cases of local history and curious doodads, joined in their quest by a gentle soul from Canada, who seeks diversion through witty conversation. Harriet's quest is always on the verge of success, and yet...

This joyful story is by the author of Crazy Water (winner of the Bobst Prize for Fiction from NYU Press), Scraps and Minor Archeologies.

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