John Hawkes
Regulus and Maximus
20 pages, saddlestitched
ISBN 0-945926-59-6

John Hawkes, master of the contorted narrative of propulsive energy, left behind this mesmerizing fragment, which first appeared in Conjunctions 10. Herein, two packs of runaway monks leave behind the safety of their monasteries for the ecstatic uncertainty in seeking something pure, hard and beautiful. While one group runs from the excesses of extraordinary gluttony, the other is in heated retreat from severe privation. Both groups seek refuge by abandoning themselves to the state of pure motion. This breathless fragment is vintage John Hawkes, famed author of The Cannibal, The Passion Artist, The Frog and Innocence in Extremis. His passion for language, and for exposing the heightened state of the human condition, is in pure form here.

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