Rosmarie Waldrop
Shorter American Memory
40 pages, saddlestitched
ISBN 0-945926-23-5

Prose poems collaged from documents collected in Henry Beston's American Memory. Rosmarie Waldrop unearths compelling clues into America's perception of its own past, developing a vision of America vital for its intelligence, wit & compassion.

Rosmarie Waldrop is also the author of Reproduction of Profiles (New Directions), In A Flash (Instress), Well Well Reality: Collaborations with Keith Waldrop (The Post-Apollo Press), Peculiar Motions (Kelsey Street). She is also an accomplished translator, having translated the bulk of Edmond Jabès, as well as books by Elke Erb, Jacques Roubaud, Friederike Mayrocker, Paul Celan, & Peter Waterhouse.

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