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Jen Hofer
Slide Rule
ISBN 1-930068-15-8

from "The denotative sky"

The denotative sky

through its frame is sky.

Through its sky.

Is sky.

There is a boat in the distance.

Curvature makes it possible.

And collapse.

How many ways there are.

To pause.

Lifting our necks to sound.

I'd ask, how are you.

I would not refrain.

How the fast small birds.

Do not shatter.

How it emerges.

Only to emerge again.

I would infuse.

We've resurrected the small words.

It's a small boat, it's gone.

Color is what lingers.

There's a distance in the distance.

Flying against the sky.

They form a habit.

I would say those clouds form a reference, not a pattern.

Those birds. Nominated. Your eyes and what your eyes see and what.