about tuumba

Anne Tardos
91 pages
ISBN 1-891190-99-7
Published with O Books


Uxudo is a musical text, although its medium is visual and verbal. The verbal component is termed "plurilingual" by the author. Using German, English, Hungarian, French, as well as invented words, Anne Tardos builds her poems out of sounds which reflect both remembered and current experiences in the world. The accompanying visual image are not mere illustrations. They emerge from a life's mysterious terrain and remain as non-verbal memories.

From Caroline Bergvall's Foreword:

It is in the rapid language switches that the plurilingual text first and foremost announces itself. It’s in the stop-start structure which routes out the languages framed and in use, and the various ways in which they intersect, through mixed speech, borrowings and compounds, and neologistic sounding games, that the mechanics and polemics of such a textual environment find themselves defined. The reader, pressed hard between words written in language they don’t know, words written in language they know, words written in language they thought they knew.

. . . The intricacies of such disruptive, uprooted dealings inevitably add humourous correspondences to the work. Nothing equals another thing equals another equals another. In cross-lingual pollination, the linguistic sign seems as differential as any saussurean stylistics might wish for it. And the sonic games, cross-lingual puns, private riddles and neological turns which, rather gleefully, punctuate most of the plurilingual work I have come across, would seem to push this point.

. . . This framed echo-chamber does not illustrate nor translate. Nor does it erase its elements into one, seamless, cohesive readerliness. It enriches its gymnastics of clues and games of tones with clashes between personal grammars and social usage. Only the precision of such divided attentions can carry off the emotive and psycho-social genealogies which the plurilingual text is interjecting into the overall cultural body.